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Approved artist bio

Mastering both the 12 and 6 string guitars, several alternate tunings, and multiple playing styles, Kiernan Tollefson has used his vast skills to create a versatile repertoire that sets him apart from many other musicians. Every song he writes tells a story. Kiernan lets the guitar speak to create emotional characters and capture deep feelings where words fail. Many listeners have said his music is “cinematic” and takes them on a winding journey. His sound is that of Jimmy Page had he only played acoustic guitar.


Kiernan first picked up the guitar in 2016 when he was bedridden for months after several surgeries and health complications from Crohn’s disease. This time was foundational in his artistic journey and developed his playing intensity and passion. Having been given a second chance at life, he began learning as much as he could about the guitar in order to use it as a medium to help others heal and inspire them to overcome. 


He released a 6-song EP “The Wandering” in August 2020. It features some of the first songs he ever wrote and showcases his mastery of the 12-string. 2021 saw the release of several singles leading up to his 2022 debut album “The Witching Hour”. This was a 13 song concept album exploring the darkness in the world and the glimmers of light that can be found in it. Kiernan is currently playing multiple times a week at venues around the Twin Cities as he prepares to roll out an 8 song waterfall release album starting in late 2024.


Kiernan Tollefson’s music reminds his listeners that their story is not finished, but rather a part of a journey we all must go through filled with pain, resilience, hope, and happiness. It inspires the soul to press on, to embrace both the dark and the light, and to create beauty out of pain. He is more than passionate about guitar; he feels a responsibility to capture stories and set them free through the strings of a guitar.



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Music Videos

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Kiernan Tollefson is an independent, self-managed artist.

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