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"...his story, one of a boy who was bed ridden as a teenager for months, left with only an old six string and a bone to pick. His amazing journey as a composer and axe grinder led him to discover his unique style of music..."

                                                             - Cities of Sound


Kiernan Tollefson's story is one of incredible perseverance and grit. He began playing the guitar in the winter of 2015 following several medical complications and surgeries that led him to being hospitalized then bed-ridden for months. Through thousands of hours of practicing and writing, Kiernan began to develop his own style and started releasing music in the Fall of 2020.

He releases music regularly and is working towards doing music full-time whether this be through releasing solo music or being a part of a group. His music has been influenced by acoustic guitarists such as Billy McLaughlin and Alan Gogoll as well as electric guitarists ranging from Jimmy Page to Tony Iommi.

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