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Guitar is an instrument of storytelling. I play guitar to tell my story and create new ones for you to journey through. I want my music to transport my listeners, and for every person to find a reflection of their own story in my songs.
I found music after almost losing my life to health complications, and it became my only escape whilst on my healing journey. Playing guitar created entire worlds and adventures while I was bedridden.
My first album came out in 2020, and
I have continued to release more albums and
singles in the years since. Check out my
Music page to go on a journey and
find songs that inspire and heal you

"...his story, one of a boy who was bed ridden as a teenager for months, left with only an old six string and a bone to pick. His amazing journey as a composer and axe grinder led him to discover his unique style of music..."
- Cities of Sound


Check out my interview with Mostly MN Music to hear all about my creative journey, songwriting techniques, and my Spring 2022 album.

I was among three Bethel University students who are starting their music careers and were featured in the Bethel Clarion. Read about my story and creative process. Watch a condensed video here.

Read a small review of my fingerstyle song "Forever and Always" written by Jonathan Fuller. MINNESOTA SOUND REVIEWS - 9/15/21

This article is primarily about my debut album, "The Wandering". It also gives some background about my songwriting process and what inspires me.

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